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Managing Information

59 Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional

As an administrative professional, you’re constantly pressed for time. And while you can’t add more hours to the day, there is a simple way to better manage your time: by advancing your skills on the programs you already use every day. Armed with 59 Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional, you’ll do more than harness the latest office technology to your advantage. You’ll enhance your value to the organization – and dramatically increase your marketability!

Taming the Paper Monster

Get vital business records organized once and for all! Poor records management can deplete profits and expose your company to compliance actions and legal liability. Taming the Paper Monster reveals why every organization needs a formal records-management program and shows you how to develop the right system for your firm.

Supercharge Your Career: 99 Answers to the Questions Admin Professionals Ask Most

You may know how to survive in today’s fast-paced admin world, but do you know how to thrive? You’re not the only admin to face the challenges you come across every day. Now you can learn how to tackle them from the people who have been where you are – other admins. You’ll learn how to master technology (before it masters you), work well with everyone, and even advance your career. Supercharge Your Career is your own personal job coach!

Effective Minute-Taking: Tips to Improve Your Meeting-Recording Skills (Executive Summary)

Administrative expert Joan Burge walks you step-by-step through the minute-taking process so you can make sure you never miss a beat – or a word. From pre-meeting preparation to putting on the finishing touches, you’ll gain the skills and confidence you need to be a minute-taking star.

Microsoft Outlook: Beyond E-mail to E-fficiency (Executive Summary)

Outlook is for much more than just e-mail. Microsoft Certified Trainer Melissa P. Esquibel has composed an Executive Summary of her popular webinar to show you how to become more efficient with Outlook.

Microsoft Office Training Series (Executive Summaries)

Don’t spend time and money on training webinars that are inconvenient and unhelpful. Train your whole team on five Microsoft Office programs, whenever you want and for one price. Learn how to do more with Outlook, Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint than you ever thought possible. You’ll see amazing improvement in your workflow.

Using the Power of Word to Design Like a Pro (Executive Summary)

How can you design like a professional without a pro’s budget or skills? With a program you use every day – Microsoft Word. We can show you how to create stand-out newsletters, fliers, ads, brochures and other documents without a degree in graphic design or money you don’t have.

Microsoft PowerPoint: Unleash Its Power and ‘Wow’ Features (Executive Summary)

Now you can create PowerPoint presentations just like the pros do. Impress your audience with your creativity – in half the time it used to take. Never give another humdrum presentation!

Microsoft Access 2007: Database Management Made Easy (Executive Summary)

Many people avoid using Access, Microsoft’s database-management application, in favor of Excel. But even Excel’s advanced features can’t handle all of your large data management tasks. This is your golden opportunity to put the power of Access to work for you. You can have a database up and running in no time.

Microsoft Excel: Time-Savers for Every Skill Level (Executive Summary)

Avoid the pitfalls of Excel and get the most out of this program. No matter what your skill level is, Excel can save you time and increase your productivity. This Executive Summary is a combination of not one, but TWO training events led by Microsoft Certified Trainer Melissa P. Esquibel.

Microsoft Word 2007: Tips and Techniques to Boost Productivity (Executive Summary)

Frustrated by the switch from Word 2003 to Word 2007? We’ll get you back to work. We’ll even help make your job easier and increase your efficiency. You’ll have better results than you ever imagined. Word may have changed, but its benefits haven’t.

77 Technology Tips to Boost Office Productivity

Office technology can help make your office more productive and efficient. But instead of learning (and buying) new software, now you can advance your skills on the programs you already use every day. This Special Report is written specifically for YOU – the busy professional who doesn’t have all day to attend a seminar or read a confusing manual. We'll show you how to get more out of the Web, Outlook, Excel, and even your cell phone – and many of these helpful programs are FREE.

Business Writing That Gets Results (Executive Summary)

Polish your communication skills and take your writing – and your career – to the next level. This Executive Summary will show you how to produce written communication that says exactly what you want it to. Not only will you always get your message across, you’ll also get the results you want.

Control the Chaos: Become a Star at Work Without Becoming a Stranger at Home

The life of today’s administrative professional is no picnic, and it certainly doesn’t look like it will get any easier. But you can create order out of disorder. Discover strategies and tips to help you regain control of your workday without sacrificing your personal life. You can be a star at work without living at the office!

Co-Worker Relations

Difficult People at Work

Discover how to identify and manage the 24 most challenging personality types! Working with underhanded, self-centered and troublesome people can be infuriating. Difficult People at Work gives you proven, practical strategies you can use immediately to restore the balance of power, improve your own working environment and put problem people in their place.

Troublesome People at Work: How to Coach, Counsel & Turn Around Problem Employees

Getting more done in less time is probably your #1 goal – and troubled workers are your #1 obstacle to achieving it. That’s why we’ve developed Troublesome People at Work, the perfect resource to help you quickly “fix” your “broken” workers so that you can focus on your own career – and sleep better at night instead of fuming about their annoying, inefficient, or possibly dangerous behavior.

Business Protocol Handbook

Make sure you stand out for all the right reasons. With the Business Protocol Handbook, you’ll know what to do in every situation. Etiquette is about more than manners at the dinner table. Courtesy can get you noticed ... and even help you advance your career.

Mastering Office Politics

How often have you heard that the only way to win at office politics is with dirty tricks? The truth is that getting ahead is really about subtlety, finesse and the artful orchestration of your agenda. Learn how to play the game, increase your personal magnetism and remove the roadblocks between you and your most wished-for goals!

The Manager’s Guide to Effective, Legal Performance Reviews

Make your performance appraisals work for you – not against you! How you conduct employee performance reviews can have a major impact not only on how your employees view their jobs, but on how they regard your organization and you. Many books offer general suggestions for improving performance, but few discuss specific ways to make reviews more effective. The Manager’s Guide to Effective, Legal Performance Reviews shows you how to conduct appraisals with clearly established expectations and no misinterpretation.

Career Strategies

Mastering Business Presentations

No matter where or when you’re in the spotlight, you’ll be cool, clear and persuasive with tactics that make your points come alive, distill your best message and tenderize the toughest audience. Use the methods perfected by legendary speakers such as FDR and Abraham Lincoln and by high-profilers Steve Jobs and Jerry Seinfeld. Then enjoy the applause!

Business is War

It’s your choice to wander through a career that’s haphazard and unfocused … or to seize control of the biggest campaign of your life. When you’re ready to map out the strategies that will advance your career and win you the prizes you dream of, Business Is War: 9 Classic Rules of War for Winning Big in Business is your field manual for business success.

The Little Black Book of Executive Secrets

You don’t have to have an MBA or a leadership course to learn how to be a successful manager. Our Little Black Book of Executive Secrets will help you separate yourself from the herd – and propel your career to new heights. With our compilation of techniques for progressing, guiding and motivating, you’ll go further in your career than you ever imagined you could.